Austria (CWT)

One of the greatest parts of being in 10th Group is Cold Weather Training (CWT), also referred to as “wet.”  Because 10th Group specializes in mountain and cold weather environments, every year the boys “have” to do CWT if not otherwise deployed.

It is comprised of downhill ski training, uphill ski training (I never knew you could go uphill until I went to 10th Group), cross-country skiing, cold weather combat tactics, shooting and culminates in cold weather survival training and a Full Mission Profile exercise.

Due to being stationed in German we have access to some of the best skiing in the world, and take full advantage of it.  As you will read in “Love Me When I’m  Gone” my only CWT in German was cut short, and you’ll read why, but I was able to attend another in Colorado after returning home from my last trip to Iraq, and actually took my Grandfathers gear from the 10th Mountain Division with whom he served in World War II for nostalgia.

Downhill, the first and most fun part of CWT

Downhill, the first and most fun part of CWT




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