What is there to say about Ray?  The last FNG before I arrived to the team, it was his job to make my life hell until the next FNG showed up.  He did a great job of it while he had to, but as soon as that time was up we quickly became best friends.  We became so close, in fact, that even our wives are still best friends.

Ray began his military career in Ranger Training Battalion, and followed his fathers footsteps in search of the coveted Green Beret (his father was in SF in Vietnam).  Ray was one of the most valuable assets that a mountain team could have, in that he is probably one of the best and most avid climbers in the military, short of the Berghfuhrers.

As an 18C, it was Rays job to handle building things and blowing things up, to put it simply; he was the driving force behind building our team hooch in Afghanistan, as well as blowing most of the doors, cache’s, and anything else we needed to disappear.

In his time in the Army, Ray amassed a bronze star, Army commendation medal, Ranger tab, Combat Infantry Badge, Airborne Wings and Expert-level military mountaineer certification.  He left the Army shortly after I did, and has since been doing contracting work for various companies in Afghanistan.

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