Matty is a ninja, and there is no better way to describe him.  He’s the best looking, fastest, toughest, smartest, best shooting, yet nicest and funniest guy I know.  When I got to 022 Matty was one of the old hands on the team, and helped Chris and Tony to really show me around and get my bearings of how an ODA operates.

Matty started his career in the regular Army as a commo guy, but quickly found his calling and made his way to Special Forces and 10th group.  An avid mountaineer, it was the perfect place for him, and he spent some time in the mountain locker training other Special Operations units how to climb before his separation from the Army.

During his time Matty has participated in OEF-TS with Operation Flintlock in Africa, Bosnia, OEF in Afghanistan, and even got to represent the US Special Operations in a special joint-operation climb in Nepal.  He has earned the expert sharpshooter badge, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, OEF Ribbon, NATO ribbon, expert level military mountaineer (certified trainer) and Airborne wings, along with many others.

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