The quintessential warrior, Josh was a great leader and peronsifies the meaning of the SF phrase: “the greatest weapon a Green Beret brings to the fight is his brain.”

Josh spent his formative years in the Army in the Infantry, specializing in cold-weather units.  He came to 10th SFG(A) prior to the Iraq invasion, and during his time has amassed some amazing credentials to his name.

Assigned as the senior 18B (weapons sergeant) on ODA 022 while under the leadership of Pat, Josh was given the task of interim Team Sergeant, even though he was only an E-7 (a Team Sergeant as a rule must be an E-8), when Pat left for his next assignment.

During his time in SF Josh amassed some amazing qualifications, including HALO, several bronze stars, the Combat Infantry Badge, Level 2 Military Mountaineer, OIF ribbon, OEF ribbon, NATO ribbon, and many others.  He is now serving as an instructor at one of the premier Special Operations schools, teaching the new generation of warriors.

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