Jason started his career off as a Marine Infantryman; in the short four years that he was in the Corps he saw the world, from Spain, California, Okinawa, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and back to California.

Jason left the Marines in search of something more and joined the Army in order to be a medic.  After several long and disappointing years in the regular Army he decided to try out for Special Forces.  After two years at Ft Bragg for training to be the best medic the world knows, his first SF assignment was 1st BN 10th SFG in Stuttgart, Germany.

Since then he has deployed several times to Iraq and Afghanistan. His military schools and decorations include Airborne, Air Assault, HALO school, Combat Infantryman Badge, several Bronze Stars, Army Commendation Medals, Meritorious Service Medal, NATO ribbons. He is now serving as a Team Sergeant in 10th group.


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