Although there was no similarity in our blood, Chris was as close to a father as I could have ever had in Special Forces, from the day I arrived in Germany to the day I left the Army.  He is one of the toughest yet kindest, most intelligent yet most brutal, best fathers, husbands, and all around human beings whom i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Chris began his life in the Army in the artillery, which is why he loved using the mortars to “rain hell on the bad guys” so much.  After a significant amount of time in the regular Army, Chris had a break in service where he went back to civilian life and met his wife.  Knowing that he was a true warrior inside, she sent him back after 9/11, and it wasn’t long before he joined his twin brother in 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and wearing the coveted Green Beret.

Chris has participated in missions and wars all across the globe, including Operation Flintlock in Africa, Bosnia, OEF in Afghanistan, OIF in Iraq, and the CAR mission hunting Joseph Kony.  In his time in the Army and Special Forces he has earned several Bronze Stars, Army Commendation Medials, Meritorious Service Medals, NATO ribbons, the Combat Infantry Badge, HALO certification, and the 18F certification (Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant).  He is now serving as a Team Sergeant in 10th group.


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