2nd Iraq Deployment: Baghdad, Babylon, Kalsu and Karbala


My second trip to Iraq isn’t highlighted very much in the book….I summed the whole trip up in one chapter.  Mostly this is because, well, I didn’t really enjoy my time there quite as much as Afghanistan, and while my first trip to Iraq was a life-changing event for me, the second trip just reminded me that my time in the Army was over.

Marred by the many complications brought on during that war, Iraq was plagued by too many journalists, Generals and politicians in my mind, and with so many eyes on us Special Forces became rather hamstrung, with too many “good idea fairies” hanging around trying to put their ideas in for a good Officer Evaluation Report (OER) bullet, and too many anti-war journalists there and back home for us to really do our mission in the decentralized environment which Special Forces thrives.

Immediately upon arrival I was relegated to the B-team, despite Josh and other leaders from B/1/10 calling ahead to suggest I go to certain teams.  Thankfully I never stayed in one place for very long, and although officially assigned to the B-team spent the majority of the deployment going out to other teams to cover other medics or assist in major operations.

By the end of my last Iraq deployment I had spent time in Baghdad, Babylon (Al-hillah), FOB Kalsu with the AOB and Karbala (home to one of the holiest shrines in Islam).  It was an interesting trip to say the least, but as the book outlines I spent the majority of the deployment getting email and phone updates from my Brothers on 022 who were back in Afghanistan, missing them the whole time.

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