Love Me When I’m Gone Dedications

As you will find throughout reading this book, I am a very passionate person and care very deeply about certain people, places and things, which have greatly influenced and affected me throughout my life. I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank, dedicate and mention some of them here.

First, to my beautiful and amazing wife Cindy; you lived this whirlwind life with me, which unfolds throughout the following pages, and never let me go.  There were times that I didn’t even think I could put up with myself, but you always stood by my side, and were the rock that grounded me.  Now you’ve given me two amazing children and a life I could never have imagined would be so happy….thank you, I love YOU.



Second, to the men of ODA 022; this book was originally just a journal of notes, full of things I couldn’t tell Cindy during my time in service, either for security or her sanity.  Once I discovered my first son was on his way, I began to expand on them, wanting us each to have a legacy for our children, for them to know the stories behind some of the greatest men I’ve ever been privileged to know.  I know that each of you are too modest to ever brag about yourselves, or tell your children what fearless, dedicated heroes and patriots each of you are, so hopefully I’ve done you right and done it for you.

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Third, to The Regiment and all of the men of Special Operations; at the time I’m finishing this, there is a whirlwind of discussion about these books, and even talk of a certain SEAL going to jail for writing his.  There are many men, much greater than I, who have done amazing things for this country, things that will never be known unless their stories are told; it’s about the men, not the missions. I know the type of man it takes to fill any of the jobs in our profession, and I applaud you all.  Now that I’m a civilian again, I thank you for keeping my family, my country, and my brothers safe.  De Oppresso Liber.


Fourth, to every military family out there, wives, husbands, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters; I know from experience that loving a soldier is one of the hardest things that a person can be asked to do.  I know that it is tough, but I also know that if love is worth having, it is worth saving.  I hope that this book will serve to give you strength, and help you to see things from the eyes of your soldier, and help to give you the resolve to give them your ever-loving support.

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Finally, and most importantly, to those heroes and their families who have given all that they could give to the greatest country our civilization has ever known; there are no words which can be said or written to truly express your nations gratitude.  Please know that you will always be in our hearts and thankful prayers, and I and many others will do all that we can to honor your memories with every breath we take.  God bless each and every one of you, and God bless America.


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