Save the Montagnard People

This is a charity, organization and cause that unfortunately is not very well known outside of the Special Forces community.

After reading Love Me When I’m Gone you will start to gain a better understanding of who Green Berets are, and how we operate.  We are called “force multipliers” because of one of our main methods of accomplishing our overall missions; we find, train, equip and fight with local forces (rebels…one man’s terrorist is another mans freedom fighter) in areas in which our overall objective is to overthrow the government/regime.

In Vietnam, a large number of battles fought by Special Forces were fought alongside the Montagnard People.  If it weren’t for them, many of our battles would have been lost (please don’t believe the media accounts of the Vietnam war; get your information from the people who were actually there, and are putting out some rather good autobiographies and memoirs of how it really went down.

When the American politicians decided to shut operations down and leave Vietnam (and the surrounding countries which we weren’t officially in) they just packed up and left, much like they would like to do in Iraq and Afghanistan if the spineless politicians are given their way (the best scene in the great movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” is about this, and the line is that “we f’d up the end game.”

When we left, we left the Montagnard people behind, to be executed, persecuted and almost wiped out of existence by the North Vietnamese Government.  This is a charity that works hand-in-hand with the Green Berets who were there, know the true story of just how much these people helped us, and are doing everything they can to help these people and repay the debts we owe them for what they’ve done.

Please take some time to visit their Face Book page; if you have the money, please donate.  If not, please at least educate yourself on the truth so that the story doesn’t die with that generation.  Much like the Kurds helped us in the Iraq invasion (and our government sold them out to the Turks), we owe them a debt of gratitude, and should do whatever we can to help.

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