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The Dangers of Media Bias

It’s been a long standing argument from the Left that Fox News isn’t really news, and the conservative bias makes their reporting worthless and nothing more than propaganda.  Every time I’ve heard someone make this statement I’ve always followed with a question: “do you really think the other news agencies are any different?  Is there a single media outlet left without bias?”

What people tend to forget is that while we don’t have a state-run media (which could be debatable), television networks, newspapers and their respective news programs are all for-profit ventures.  Your favorite news anchor, regardless of the network or how unbiased it claims to be, is not giving you the news for free. And money, of course, is the greatest creator of bias in our society.

The major news outlets have made quite a hobby of defending themselves and the quality of their news by attacking the others, claiming themselves to be the only source without media bias while the rest are corrupted and untrustworthy.  It seems CNN decided to buck this trend and chose to show its absolute media bias this weekend when it announced it would refuse to cover Donald Trump’s presidential campaign with him as a candidate, but would instead be covering him as an entertainer.

This may seem like no big deal to many (especially those on the far Left), but I see it as a very scary evolution in the downward spiral American journalism (and their media bias) has been in for the past decade or so.  When the uber-Liberal California governor’s race included everyone from porn stars to childhood actors they had no trouble covering it, but now that a conservative candidate with media savvy (the one thing lacking from most GOP candidates) has taken the stage, they refuse to allow the American people to make their own decision.

What bothers me the most about this decision not to even pretend to be unbiased anymore is that it is signaling the loss of one of the last true American freedoms.  In a nation that prides our self on being the land of the free, the right and ability to choose & vote for whichever candidate you prefer is really one of the only freedoms we have left.

The “land of the free” incarcerates more people annually than any other nation in the world, many for minor drug charges.  Even though the very first amendment in our Bill of Rights is supposed to guarantee freedom of speech, that freedom apparently doesn’t apply if you want to express yourself as a religious person (even though freedom of religion is supposed to be an integral part of our society).

In a free market capitalistic society (which we are supposed to have) you have the freedom to choose what you want or don’t want to spend your money on; this applies in America today, unless it’s insurance and the government only wants you to spend your money on companies who gave generously to the democratic presidential campaigns.

There are even laws on the books regarding campaign coverage and ads, trying to ensure that different networks give all candidates an even amount of coverage allowing the American people the freedom to choose who wins their vote.

But now CNN feels you don’t deserve that freedom.  We had a joke in one of my previous offices that the most depressing show on television was CNN, or the Constantly Negative News channel, and now I realize that joke has become a reality.


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