Introduction, 9/11/12

Howdy….I’ve never written a blog before, and have only read a few, so I guess the best place to start would be an introduction to me, this blog and what I hope it will entail.

The people who know me best know that I’m a very passionate guy about the people and things which I’m passionate about.  I have no shortage of opinions, so here’s where you’ll get them, for better or for worse.  I’m conservative on some issues, moderate on others, don’t really delve into liberal territory on anything, but some things you could say I’m left of center on.  I don’t really label myself as Republican or Democrat, because I believe that frames people into a certain “winner/loser” mindset, and forces them to side with a party regardless of issues or representation.  I’m an awake, informed American, and I make up my own mind on issues, with as much information as I can gather about them.  But then sometimes I’m just a stubborn hothead….I’m sure that will come through.

As of now I’m planning on doing a blog post weekly; if people seem to like it, I’ll do it more.   We’ll see where it takes us, but in the end I hope to share a little more information and insight into things that are going on in the world; not everyone has the time to research all of these issues, and most of the media isn’t interested in covering more than the flash and sensationalism of most stories.

Right now the issue of the September 11th, 2012 attacks on the Benghazi attack in Libya is still lingering, and I feel like the issue was talked about at great length (I did a few radio interviews on the subject myself, check out the “LMWIG In the Media” page for links to audio clips), but there still hasn’t been a lot of truth, substance, or value added from what has been said.  I guess that’s the great thing about a blog; I don’t have to worry about a producer, who’s worried about ratings and advertising dollars.  I have a lot of friends who are still in harms way in the middle east and other places, and I stay tuned to them and many different places for my information, some open source, some not.  Here’s my question and answer format on the events of 9/11/12 and some of the current administrations priorities:

Why was the request for security by our embassy in Libya denied?

There has been a disturbingly alarming trend which has risen in the past generation or so that has gone unnoticed and unreported to the general public. Gone are the days when we only trusted the representation of this great nation with the highest defense budget in in the world, many times over, only to men who had served her. We now have a Commander-in-Chief who has no idea of the absolute levity which that position holds. He skipped two intelligence briefs following the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12….to party with Beyonce and Jay-Z and attend a fundraiser.  Do you think his priorities are in protecting our brothers and interests overseas, or in attending parties with enough A-listers to fund his campaign? I hope that it’s just that he doesn’t understand, but there’s a dark place in my mind that thinks he just didn’t care.

The security was most likely denied for several reasons, none of them worth the American lives.  Our overt presence in Libya was very new, and as such the State Department rushed things quite a bit.  Our formal embassy is in Tripoli, which was built to State Department standrds, housed a Marine contingent and could withstand this type of attack.  That is where Ambassador Stevens spent most of his time, and it really hasn’t come out yet why he was in Benghazi, in a consulate (very different from an Embassy in security standards) which was just a rented villa, not built to State Department standards.  All that being said, he should, without question, have had a much larger security contingent for traveling, especially on 9/11, especially going to an area (Benghazi) in which there has been intel of rising Al Qeada presence since the fall of Ghadaffi.

The scariest part of the denial boils down to dollars and cents; the State Department probably didn’t think it was worth the cost to allocate more money to a fledgling program in Libya, and as a result we lost four Americans.

Who were the guys there with the Ambassador?

When you hear there term “contractors,” it is usually just written off without any understanding of the word. The State Department contracts its personal security to Tier 1 contractors….ex-SOF guys, my brothers. The conventional military is spread very thin, as is Special Operations, so these are men who have the experience and expertise to be trusted with our highest-level representatives, wherever they go. Green Berets, SEALs, Delta and the like…these jobs go to the best of the best after they leave the service.

 Why did the White House lie? Why did the Secretary of State lie? Why did Joe Biden lie? What does this say about their attitude toward the American people?

The policy of this administration has gone from defending and representing America as the greatest nation in the existence of human history to one of apologizing to both our allies and enemies. Congressman Ryan was 100% correct in saying that we are projecting the wrong statements abroad; if you project apologies, you are seen by the Muslim world as weak.

The White House lied because their foreign policy is to send a docile response and apologize rather than project might, a very dangerous game to play.  This policy caused us to scapegoat an American citizen, and to send more security to the house of an innocent (albeit tasteless) film maker to rouse him out of bed in front of cameras than the Ambassador had in a hostile country.  The Secretary of State and Joe Biden lied because it’s their job to toe the company line, and this close to the election they’re not going to jeapordize their jobs.

This says a lot about their attitude towards the American people, and worse, the American military and our representatives abroad.  Firstly, that Americans are too ignorant to see through an extremely thin veil of lies, and to search for media that isn’t bowing down to Obama (it’s out there, you just have to look) and dares to tell the truth.  As for our military, diplomats and ambassadors, it says that he’s willing to sacrifice you for whatever goals he has, including apeasing our enemies rather than projecting our might.

 Biden said the military says we need cutbacks. Is this the truth?

Yes, but in ways that these men who have never served do not understand. We don’t need cutbacks in the basic “beans and bullets” of the military, which is what they are suggesting. We need cutbacks in the very essence of the way the military spends; unfortunately, only those who have served understand the waste of “end of the year buys” and the punishment of commanders for saving money. We need military and business to come together to streamline the way a private organization would have to, and we could easily come up with the cuts needed for sequestration without sacrificing strength.

 What about deployed military votes?

The most patriotic men and women in our great civilization, those who are putting their lives on the line defending freedom 24 hours a day and going without most of the luxuries we take for granted in this country are the ones who are being denied the right to vote? To take a line from “Uncle Joe” Biden, listen to your common sense. If someone is trying to take away the voting rights from these defenders of freedom, is that a person you think you can trust?

It is no secret that the majority of the military are not fans of Obama;  I have a very strong suspicion, which has been confirmed by friends in the entertainment industry, that the major reason the administration went after the “No Easy Day” author for a book about the same thing that the White House leaked to Hollywood was that he told the truth, that the men of Special Operations loathe Obama.

He knows that he cannot win the military vote; there were a lot of speculations during the last election, while I was deployed, on whether our votes were really counted there; do you really think a junior, one-term senator with no military experience beat a war hero, former POW on the military vote?  I think he wants to stack the deck in his favor, and whether he gives that direction or not, the people in his cabinet want to protect their jobs as well, so they will do it for him.  That’s all this is, stacking the deck in his favor, and it’s un-American, un-patriotic, and downright treasonous.

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