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I’ve been taking Alpha Brain for a few months now after hearing about it on the Joe Rogan podcast, and when my order arrived this month it contained a coupon code to give my friends a 10% discount, so I decided to put it up here.  Alpha Brain is basically a multi-vitamin for your brain, giving you the nutrients to put it into overdrive.  If you do anything that requires higher-level thinking, after just a few days of taking Alpha Brain you’ll notice a huge difference in your level of thinking and brain output.  It’s a great product, but you should check out the website and take a look for yourself.  If you try it and don’t like it, Onnit offers a full refund and you don’t even have to send the product back, they believe in it that much.  As described by Onnit:

Complete balanced nootropic

The idea behind Alpha BRAIN was to create a fully-balanced nootropic. Our Alpha GPC and Huperzia Serrata contain nutrients that help your body turn up acetylcholine levels full throttle while other ingredients assist in elevating neurological components vital to remaining calm, focused, and mentally driven. Our Vinpocetine can help the body deliver oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and the combination of neuro-specific antioxidants, led by our proprietary AC-11®, assists your system in clearing away mental fog and free radicals. The result for our thousands of satisfied customers is an extraordinary combination of lucid dreams, mental drive, focus, and mental acuity.

I’ve been taking it for about six months now, and my mental capacity has increased, I can feel my creativity operating at max capacity, and my brain is in overdrive.   I was a bit skeptical at first, but they offer a no-questions asked, 100% guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, and you don’t even have to send the rest back.

I love both Alpha Brain and New Mood; they’ve changed my mental focus and ability on a daily basis, and I’m a happy customer (and thanks to New Mood I can finally sleep).  Check out the site and if you like it, the RPL code will get you 10% off your order.  Here’s to making the world a smarter place.



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