Are You Paying Attention?

As our country shifts back into another lame duck Congress after the mid-term elections, I see quite a few things surfacing and going on in the world that both make me worried about what is in store and wonder if Americans are paying attention.

As I got to speak with Doug and John about on KHTS last week, Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber was caught on camera essentially calling the American people stupid for buying the story they were sold on the Affordable Care Act. It seems the only thing stupid to me is that the Obama administration and main stream media could try to downplay and distance themselves from Gruber, with even Pelosi coming out and saying she had no idea who he was, and Obama saying he was “just some adviser who was never on staff.”

But anyone who has had any media coaching or spent time in the public eye knows that once it goes out in media, it’s impossible to take back. Thankfully while the media tried to sweep the story under the rug, people across the country found videos of other instances where Gruber bragged about the lack of transparency and outright falsities used to pass the ACA, as well as video of Pelosi talking about and praising Gruber, the same man she claimed not to know anything about when this story surfaced.

Outside of the political arena, the same country which Obama used to openly mock Mitt Romney in the 2012 electoral debates saying, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because…the Cold War’s been over for 20 years” has been proving just how little attention Obama paid during his global intelligence briefs.

            While the man who the American people naively believed was the better choice to run the country was making jokes, mother Russia has been getting pretty frisky and outright defiant.

We all know about their provocation and lack of care for the UN and NATO crying foul when Russia started taunting the Ukraine, but have you been paying attention to what the country which Romney accurately called “our greatest threat” has been doing to the US?

This is part of the premise of my new book, “The Pact,” and it’s downright scary that the chess pieces I’ve been seeing put into place over the past few years are being set up for what I see as a terrifying outcome.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there are several instances of Russian provocations towards the United States in recent months. First, a few weeks ago Russia announced that they would be not only increasing the frequency of their bomber flights near the US, but also that they would be decreasing the proximity. The Washington Times even reported back in August that Russian bombers had actually penetrated US airspace 16 times over the previous 10 days.

And just last week a US warship, the USS Donald Cook was reportedly buzzed a dozen times by a Russian fighter in the Black Sea. Accounts differ widely on what exactly transpired in that instance, with some saying the fighter was equipped with technology which rendered all defensive and offensive technology useless on the US warship, while the Navy made an official claim that it was a harmless incursion.

There are strange things going on in the world ladies and gentlemen, and while the US has been caught up in reality TV and news about celebrities, our old enemy seems to have been moving the chess pieces around the board while we weren’t looking. If our own Commander in Chief had no idea of who our greatest threats are, I have to ask: are you paying attention?


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