Everything you “know” is wrong

Thank God I’ve been taking my Alpha Brain.  Going through my Facebook page this weekend, I found an interesting share from Graham Hancock.  It was a clip of a lecture by Rupert Sheldrake, a brilliant research scientist speaking at the TED talks on the subject of his new book, “The Science Delusion” (called Science Set Free” here in the US).

For those of you who don’t know him, Rupert Sheldrake is studying things that most of mainstream science and society considers “fringe” science, and is sometimes lumped into the genre of “paranormal” science, because it challenges many of the mainstream ideas which we have been taught and have been basing most of “mainstream” science upon.

I became a Freemason because of my belief that everything, or most of the things, which I have been taught over my life from schoolbooks and science is wrong, twisted, or changed in a way to make it easier to digest, or to make things easier to explain for those studying them and writing the books on them.  It’s no secret that the history of a war is written by the victor, and it is my belief that this same concept has been applied to many different parts of society, including religion, history, and yes, science.

Here Rupert Sheldrake lays out 10 scientific Dogmas, or assumptions and beliefs of mainstream science that he is questioning, and opens the door to many great new ideas, questions and suppositions.  I will outline his 10 Dogmas here, and go into a bit of explanation and personal experience from my life, and link the clip at the end of this blog so you can watch the man speak about it himself.  He outlines 2 of those Dogmas in the clip (due to time restraints he could only go into 2), but if this interests you, you should pick up a copy of his book or visit his website to delve a little deeper into the rabbit hole.


The 10 Dogmas of Current Science (which are proving to be false)

  1. Nature is Mechanical, or Machine-like

The Universe is like a machine, animals and plants are like a machine, we are like machines.

2.  Matter is Unconscious

The whole universe is made up of unconscious matter, there is no consciousness in stars, galaxies, planets, animals, which gives way to the notion that there shouldn’t be any consciousness in us, as humans either.

3.    The Laws of Nature are Fixed

The Laws of Nature are the same now as they were at the time of the Big Bang, and they’ll be the same forever….not just the laws, but also the constants of nature and science.

4.     The Total Amount of Matter and Energy is Always the Same

This is one of the most fundamental “rules” of Physics, which states that energy can neither be created or destroyed, yet somehow these “rules” didn’t apply at the time of the Big Bang.

5.  Nature is Purposeless

There are no purposes in all of nature, and even the evolutionary process has no purpose or direction.

6.  Biological Heredity is Material

Everything you inherit is in your genes, or in modification of the genes, or in cytoplasmic inheritance.

7.  Memories are Stored Inside Your Brain

Somehow everything you know or remember is stored inside of your brain in proteins, even though nobody really knows how it works.

8.  Your Mind is Inside of Your Head

All of your consciousness is the activity of your brain, and nothing more.

9.  Psychic Pheonmenon (like Telepathy) Are Impossible

This carries over from Dogma 8, saying that your thoughts and intentions cannot have any effect at a distance, because your mind and consciousness are inside of your head.  Therefore, all of the evidence for psychic phenomenon is illusory or wishful thinking.

10. Mechanistic Medicine is the Only Kind that Really Works

This is why Governments only fund research into mechanistic medicine (take a pill or have a surgery to cure or treat), and ignores complimentary medicine or alternative therapies.


Rupert goes on to say that these 10 Scientific Dogmas are the “default” view of the educated world, the basis of the education system, The National Health Service, The Medical Research Council and Governments.


He believes that every one of these Dogmas is very questionable, and after listening to his lecture several times, I’m on board as well.  He goes into two of the reasons he believes the Dogmas are wrong in the clip below, which I’ll attribute to him for the ones he explains, and I’ll go into why the others have my brain going into overdrive.


  1.  Nature is Mechanical, or Machine-Like

Nature surely does have some mechanical qualities, things that just happen in a sort of ebb and flow of the universe, but of the same token it seems to break its own rules from time to time.  I cannot remember where I picked it up, but one of my favorite quotes from one of my pre-med Biology, Chemistry, Bio Chem or Physics classes is that “the only constant in nature is change.”


There are many examples in nature of things always following the same pattern and steps inherently, like Mitosis or Meiosis, as soon as it receives some sort of “cue” from nature that it needs to begin its process.  But in the same respect, there are many other things in nature which occur without much explanation, like the genetic changing resulting in certain birth defects.

2.  Matter is Unconscious

As a man with a lot of beliefs in some very esoteric ideology, with a Buddhist wife and family, I cannot put much faith into this Dogma.  It is scientifically easy to write off the idea of a universal consciousness, since it is extremely difficult to quantify, but if you step out of your head for a moment and look around, the proof is all around us, and science is actually finding more and more evidence of a universal consciousness every day.

The Universal consciousness is an idea that is very prevalent in Buddhist philosophy, and even studies of entanglement and vibrational energies are beginning to show that   we are all much more connected than we previously thought.  I’ll get into these ideas  more below, but to understand science and how the parts of the universe tend to fall into line with each other much more like a symphony or work of art rather than a Swiss clock lend quite a bit of credence to this idea of Universal Consciousness.

3.  The Laws of Nature are Fixed

Mr . Sheldrake goes into this one in great detail, so I’ll cut mine pretty short.  In summation, he goes over the idea of constants, such as the mathematical equation for Gravity or the speed of light.  He even explains that he found an anomoly in the way the speed of light was calculated for some time, finding that different scientists were getting different results for the actual speed of light and different effects of gravity in different labs at different times.  This is a very interesting idea, and it makes a lot of sense.  If our planet is on an elipse with the sun, rather than an exact circling, we are at different distances from the sun, moon and other planets and stars on any different days, at any different times.  If all of our “constants” are the way our world interacts with other parts of the universe, it would only make sense that these “constants” change as the universe around us does.

He quite humorously tells of how he spoke to an expert on the matter, who stated that they “fixed” this problem by creating all of our constants (length of a meter, etc) by giving them a fixed rule based on the speed of light.  Given that most scientists plug these “constants” into their equation rather than testing them before every experiment, leads to the idea that everything we have based our ideas of scientific truth and knowledge of the world around us may be wrong.

4.  The Total Amount of Matter and Energy is Always the Same

As I stated above, this is one of the most fundamental laws of Physics; matter cannot be created or destroyed.  Stephen Hawking, thought of by many as one of the greatest minds of our lifetime, landed himself into some hot water when he claimed that Black Holes may posess the ability to not only destroy matter, but also the energy associated with that matter.  Because this challenged much of what our current ideas of the universe were based on, the scientific community was up in arms, and called him nothing short of a heretic….even though there is no real proof to say he is right or wrong.

But there is another universal matter which has always puzzled me about this issue; if the universe cannot create more energy as we go along, how is it that we know the universe is constantly expanding, and expanding at an increasing rate for that matter?  If there is no creation of energy, how is it that new babies are born every day, and our popluation is exponentially growing at a faster rate than people are dying?  We have finite resources on this planet, so if we are outgrowing our resources, where does the energy for new people come from?  Of the same token, if you believe in reincarnation, how do you explain that we have more people on the planet now than 1,000 years ago?  Where did the extra “souls” come from?


5.  Nature is Purposeless

If you don’t believe in evolution, then I’m sorry but you’re not going to like this one.  If we take the belief of current science that the universe is about 14 billion years old, and that all of the heating, cooling, exploding, stars burning out, atmospheres forming, life beginning, and then eventually evolving into what we are today, the idea of there being no purpose behind nature and the way it works doesn’t hold much water.

Whether you subscribe to the Big Bang, evolution, the “Stoned Ape” theory, or any other grasp at where we come from, it all boils down to a greater purpsose set out by nature.  A look at The Georgia Guidestones can make this downright scary, as it seems as if we’ve either outlived natures purpose, or have begun to believe that we are smarter than her.

6.   Biological Heredity is Material

This is the current scientific belief and explanation that everything you are and become is inherited via your genes, passed down by heredity from your parents, their parents, so on and so forth.

I was adopted, and find that I am living proof that this belief is not true, and there are many more points of evidence much greater than mine.  I have, however, as a result of being adopted, two male figures in my life which could be called my dad, who raised me, and my father, who passed genetic information along to me.

I look a lot like my father, as is to be expected, and share a lot of his musical talents, charm, and left-brained leanings and thinkings (he is also Buddhist and follows Kabbalah).

However, I also look quite a bit like my dad; my entire life, people would come up to us and say “wow, he has your eyes” or “he looks just like you,” to which we would just agree and laugh about it later.  As I get older, I’ve found that I’ve taken on many more characteristics of my dad, some which are easily explained by his raising me and teaching me about the world, some not so easy to explain.

While I maintain much of the left-brained philosophy and music interests from my father, I’ve become very conservative like my dad, easily explained by where I was raised and what I’ve done (just read my book “Love Me When I’m Gone” and you’ll get it).  But I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more and more like my dad as I get older, and strangely enough, many of these attributes have only come on after I left home for college and then The Army, after we were no longer living closely together, and I wouldn’t see him for long periods of time due to deployments or distance.

Firstly, our handwriting is almost identical; it is very different from most peoples handwriting, and for some reason they have begun to mirror each other in the last decade or so that we haven’t been near each other.  Our mannerisms and vocal inflections, manner of speaking and tone have become extremely similar.  But the strangest thing I’ve noticed over the past year or so, after we’ve been living apart for a decade.

My dad was an Army brat, the product of parents who had to live on rationing during WWII and as a result became very fiscally responsible.  My Grandpa never spent much money on my dad’s teeth, and as a result he has a very characteristic way that his teeth have formed in the front of his mouth, as a result of never getting braces.

My dad wanted my teeth to be perfect, so as a kid I did get braces, but as I get older and have kids of my own, I don’t think my teeth are the most important thing to spend our money on, and would rather save up for theirs.  My teeth have now, as a result, taken on the same exact formation as his.  This may not seem like much to many people, unless you stop to think about what they use to identify people burned beyond recognition…their teeth.  Much like the long-standing joke that a dog looks just like his master, it seems that I have become a mirror image of my dad, even though we don’t share hereditary genetic information.

7.  Memories are Stored Inside Your Brain

This is another way of explaining a metaphysical concept using a physical answer, and science seems to be grabbing at everything it can find to prove this idea.  A good friend of mine, who I went through the Special Forces Qualification Course with had a Masters Degree in Microbiology prior to 9/11.  He told me a funny story about applying for his PhD with the idea of studying consciousness in the human brain.  This was just a year or so prior to 9/11, and he was laughed out of the office, because they basically had no idea of how the two were tied together.

In the Army, we use the term “muscle memory” quite a bit to refer to the reason we do repetitive training of the same thing over and over, so that you get to the point that your body reacts to a certain situation before you even have time to think.  Every time I hold a gun to this day my finger automatically goes out side of the trigger well in the same exact spot, prepared to fire with only the smallest of movements.  That arguably isn’t a memory stored in my brain, but is rather a learned behavior.

A common trait among combat survivors or PTSD patients is a certain sound, smell, taste or action that triggers memories of traumatic events.  While the memory of this event is stored in your own mind, the actual trigger to this memory is something from the outside world, something that brings this memory back to the front of your mind, and to some people is so strong that they actually re-live the event.

And how many of you have an item from your childhood that does this same thing?  I still have items from my childhood that bring up memories I didn’t even know that I had, simply by holding them, smelling them, or cuddling with them like when I was a child.  Is it possible that these memories are actually entagled or stored within this inatimate object rather than my own brain?

There is an entire field of science that believes water can hold memories, and other studies that are testing this theory on crystals and other objects.  There is yet another field of study called Quantum Entanglement which is finding that two molecules in close proximity to each other can share or learn the same information, proven once they are taken apart.  If we don’t really understand how or where memories are stored or work, how can we be so quick to believe that every memory must be stored inside of the grey matter in your head, and that we can’t imprint those memories onto objects?

8 & 9 Your Mind is Inside of Your Head and Psychic Pheonmenon (like Telepathy) Are   Impossible

Since 8 and 9 are so closely related, I’d like to go over them together.  I’ve already gone over the idea of universal consiousness and memories a bit, and they also carry over to these ideas.  Since the scientific community and society at large believe and promote the idea that your mind and memories are in your brain, and your brain is in your head, by discounting the universal consiousness theories it must stand behind the further idea that Psychic Pehomenon is impossible, because it would mean you were connecting with things outside of your brain.


I actually found Rupert Sheldrake originally because of his work on these subjects, which I find profoundly interesting.  He has been doing studies on phenomenon like people knowing who was calling them before they looked at their phones, pets who knew their owners were on the way home long before they could smell them and at different time intervals every day, people knowing when they were being stared at, and the like.


We’ve all had these situations which we just write off as strange or coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidence at all, and think that there is something to this concept.  Mr. Sheldrake actually talks a bit in the clip below about the phenomenon of you knowing when someone is staring at you, and the idea that this may be an evolutionary trait, that the prey which could “feel” its predators gaze would be much more likely to survive, thereby being “selected” by evolution and living to procreate and pass along these traits.  We talk about certain people being “sensitive” or “special” with certain talents like this; most people automatically write it off because nobody has quantified it yet, but Rupert Sheldrake is doing just that.

10.   Mechanistic Medicine is the Only Kind that Really Works

This is perhaps the most interesting to me, mainly because of a very interesting interview I saw on sptnk.org a few years ago.  If you haven’t visited this site, the fact that you are still reading this means you’d probably enjoy it….but take my advice, set a timer so that you know how long you’ve been looking at the site.  It’s one of those “once you start pulling the thread it’s hard to stop” type of websites, dedicated to interviewing scientists on the forefront of “fringe” science, and has some amazing minds and ideas there.

The idea which I encountered was by a French research scientist, combining the ideas of Vibrational Energy and medicine.  If you haven’t looked into the subject much, the basic idea of vibrational energy is that, well, everything has vibrations.  This flows over into Reiki Healing, Buddhism and many other ideas and subjects, but I’ll just talk about it in terms of Chemistry here.

Even though the computer in front of you seems solid, as does the table or desk it sits on, it really isn’t.  “Solid” is just a relative term, meaning that the molecules which comprise the computer, desk or table are positioned closely enough that it seems to be solid to you, when it is in fact made up of billions of separate molecules.

Each of these molecules, in fact, has it’s own vibrational energy, as it is always moving, ever so slightly.  Some scientists have gone away from the normal scientific dogmas and found that everything actually has its own specific vibrational frequency, meaning that a table would give off a different “frequency” based on its pattern of moving molecules than a chair, computer, person or even perhaps, thought, would.

As such, this scientist I was watching had taken it a step further, and was studying the idea of applying this to medicine.  If medicine is nothing more than a mixture of certain compounds, and every compound gives off its own vibrational frequency, the idea was that a medicine should, in theory, have its very own vibrational frequency.

To take it another step down the rabbit hole, his idea is that he should be able to translate that medicines vibrational frequency into a sound, which he could reproduce via a sound generator.  If that works, his idea is to be able to have a doctor in France reproduce this sound to a patient in Africa, and by merely hearing the sound the patient should get the same effect as if he were taking the medicine orally.

Remember the part of The Matrix where they would call in via phone to be taken in or out of the program?  Reality can sometimes be much stranger than fiction, can’t it?


So I’m going to stop trying to pretend I’m smart now, but hope I’ve piqued your interest enough to start pulling the thread yourself.  Please visit Rupert Sheldrakes website, as well as Graham Hancocks to open your mind and learn about these amazing ideas that the history books aren’t teaching.  “Through the Wormhole” is another great TV show, as is “How the Universe Works” and many others.  If you find another good one, please share with me here or on my Facebook page, as I’m always searching for answers myself.

And at last, as promised here is the link to the lecture given by Mr. Sheldrake at the TED talks, I hope I’ve done him a little justice here.  Enjoy!




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Man in the Mirror, Race, Color and Creed

A friend of mine told me last week that as he read my blogs, he could imagine me yelling at the computer as I typed.  That’s not exactly what I’m going for, but pretty funny from a guy who knows me so well.  The things that I see in the news these days tend to get me a little heated, and it seems to come out when I write about those stories that get me worked up enough to put my feelings about them out there.

There are a few events which happened last week and are making the rounds in the news now, and there is one most of all that resonates enough with me to want to talk about…and hopefully you’re starting to learn my point of view enough to come along on this ride with me.

I’ve had an idea for quite a few years now, as I watch the world and America especially, fracture itself on purpose in the name of fairness and equality.  I’ve watched as people have tried as hard as they can to put themselves into every sub-group possible, in an attempt to find their
“identity,” but only succeeding in bringing them further and further from the rest of society, mankind, or people in general.

My idea is quite simple: As long as you define yourself by race, color, or creed, you will always be  defined by your race, color, or creed.

It sounds innocent enough, but stay with me here; at one time, we were all just people.  It was us against the world, struggling to keep the tribe alive long enough to pass on the bloodline and stay in existence, making our own footprint on this world.

People began to multiply, immigrated to different parts of the world and began their own tribes.  At one point, many of these tribes came together to form this great country that we call The United States of America.

I have Italian, Nordic and other types of blood running through my veins, but I’m not an Italian/Nordic/etc, I am an American.  My wife was born in Taiwan and raised in Texas, but she’s not a Taiwanese/American, she is an American.  As I said on “For Crying Out Loud” last week, my kids are “one part olive oil, one part soy sauce,” but they’re not Italian/Taiwanese-Americans….they are American.

But for some reason, in the last generation our society has strayed as far as they can from that point of pride, of calling yourself an American and instead putting as many hyphenations on the greatest of compliments as it takes to completely negate the “American” part of it.

When we were all just humans, we worked together as a tribe, to hunt and provide, to protect and care, to keep ourselves alive.  When we were all Americans, by the same token we all worked together to build this nation into the greatest civilization in the history of man.  We all pitched in an picked up trash if we walked past it, mowed our lawns, worked hard and brought home a paycheck, raised our kids to be fine, upstanding citizens, and the tribe was well.

What do we have now?  As people began to stray from our national identity, our society followed.  As people dropped the “American” from their only description, flags stopped appearing in so many yards, graffiti went up on every wall and overpass sign, and the trash stopped getting picked up.

As the pride in our society diminished, and it became more about “me and mine” rather than “us and ours,” education began to falter; the home structure is on the ropes, with the traditional family being a minority rather than a majority these days.  As our American brothers and sisters cared more about other details than being American, we let our society slip away.

We used to have an “ask what you can do for your country” mentality, even when dealing with our own races and/or cultures back in the day.  It wasn’t “we feel alienated because there is one fewer of mine than yours in political office,” or “not enough of a certain race represented in small business owners.”  It was the opposite; instead of, “what is America doing for me,” it was “look at what we’re doing for America.”

Proud Irish and Italian immigrants building the skyscrapers in New York.  All black/Irish/Italian units like the Red Tails or the Fighting 69, doing their part for this great country and using it as a point of pride, showing just how damned proud they were to be American; they used those points of pride to show just how much they contributed and belonged to this great society, rather than trying to fracture away from it and turn it into something it wasn’t.

So what got me onto this subject today?  Well, for one, I watched Django Unchained last week…..wow.  After announcing on “FCOL” last week that we hadn’t received the viewer from SAG, a friend sent me his copy, and all I can say is wow.  Good job Tarantino, it makes Roots look soft.

There are a few news stories that followed, interestingly enough, about a man slapping a toddler on an airplane and another man in a hospital saying only white nurses could touch his newborn.

I think that both of these events, and many other like them, are a result of people having this “you vs me” mentality, and I’m not saying that IT is a result of our fractioning and trying to create our own identities based on anything that sets us apart, but I feel that the fracturing is making it worse, more apparent, and more widespread.

People are inherently jealous of those who have what they don’t, and that can be money, special attention, fame, or anything that a certain person wants.  We used to have a society where people would say, “wow, that person has everything I want, I’m going to work hard and get it myself.”

We’ve now changed, I believe due to this fractioning and loss of American identity to a “look at what that jerk has, why do they deserve it and not me, I’m going to ruin their life and/or take it from them.”

By calling ourselves everything under the sun besides American, by flying the flag in our car/yard of the country we LEFT for America and a better life instead of the American flag, by creating our own identity rather than that of our countrymen and brethren, we have taken ourselves out of a society that works together toward a common goal to a narcissistic one who only believes that the group of people with whom they can identify should be happy and successful.

Think I’m getting a little overboard with this?  Look at the ACLU and the cases it has been fighting.  Look at the cases involving Atheists and, instead of giving them a better leg up, the fight is completely about taking the First Amendment rights away from the majority of this country, which is religious, and not allowing them to express themselves.

It is not a fight about trying to make the country, or even Atheists better, but rather destroying the livelihood and ability to express themselves away from people who are devoutly religious and attribute and success or happiness in life to their creator.  It’s not “i’m going to work hard to better myself,” but rather “I’m going to work to take what’s important away from you.”

Long story short, I feel that we are starting to fall way too far from the apple tree.  We’re all on “Team Human”, and as soon as we started going away from that, countries formed, boundaries were made and wars were waged.

Even within our own country, we have begun to move away from “Team America,” and as we’ve done that, our society has begun to shake at its foundations.  It would take much more than I can imagine to get us back to the “Team People” mentality, and as a sheepdog I do believe that there are evil people in the world who need to be forcibly removed, but maybe we can get back to the “Team America” way of living.

But how can we do that?  By just paying attention to what you’re doing, every day, all the time.  We involve so many biases and judgements in our daily life, based on things that are so engrained in society today that we do it without thinking.

Pay attention to everything going on around you; understand that Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Leftist, we are all American.  Our politicians have fallen into this trap and become so polarized that they are completely ineffective, and have further divided our nation into “red” and “blue” states.

Don’t fall into that trap; whenever you listen to the news, meet someone new, take your kids to school, or whatever you’re doing in life, remember, above everything else, you are an American, we live in the greatest society known to man, and we are letting it slip through our fingers.  Only by coming together on the common goal of keeping our society at the top of the pack can we ever succeed.

I was giving my son a bath after getting back from the gym this morning, and as my iPod was on shuffle, “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson came on.  I hadn’t heard this song in some years, but it was great timing given what was already going on in my head and in the news.

If you, like me, haven’t heard that song in quite awhile, go put it on.  I’ll be here when you’re finished, but really listen.  And if you feel bashful about it, or that it challenges your masculinity in some way listening to Michael Jackson, remember that this Green Beret with shrapnel still in his body from Afghanistan has been listening to it all morning on repeat….I’m not saying i’m the toughest or most masculine guy in the world, but I’m closer to the top half than the bottom, and I love that damn song.

We’ve been spending too much time looking to inept politicians or others in charge to make the changes that we need to get back on the right track as a society, but they have more than proven themselves incapable (or unwilling) to do it for us.

If we want to make a change and get our country back on track, to be the same great nation for our kids as it was for us and our parents, it all starts with us.  It starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with all of us together.

Take a long hard look in the mirror, if you have kids, take a long hard look at them.  If you, like me, believe that we going in the wrong direction in society, don’t wait for someone else to change it, start making a change with the man in the mirror.

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Author Robert Patrick Lewis on the Dr. Drew Podcast 3/8/13

Download the Dr. Drew podcast on iTunes or the Adam Carolla app to hear “Love Me When I’m Gone” author Robert Patrick Lewis talk about PTSD in troops.  This episode was recorded at Carolla 1 studios on February 22nd, but will air March 8, 2013.

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California exodus, welcome back to Texas

Those of you who know me and/or have read my memoir, “Love Me When I’m Gone,” know my story, how I ended up here in Los Angeles, and how unhappy this place makes me.  For those of you who don’t, here’s a quick refresher:

I was born in Florida, lived there for a few years until Air Florida went under and my dad got a job flying for Southwest Airlines.  I spent the next 20+ years of my life in the state that God blessed, Texas, and only left when it was required for my service in the Army (I left for Infantry Basic Training at Ft. Benning, GA, a month after I graduated from Texas State University).

When it was time to leave the Army I was living in Colorado with the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), with nothing really holding me there except the Army and my brothers, but Cindy had an entire acting career flourishing here in Los Angeles.  I moved here with some hesitation, but with most of the opportunities for us being here, it was the smart move….so I thought.

At this point in my life I’ve lived in Texas, France, Germany, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and California, and have spent significant time in Italy, Austria, Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq.  I’d say I have a pretty well-rounded view of the world at large, and have recently found that although I consider the United States of America the greatest nation our civilization has every known, I believe that California is determined to make itself the worst, veritably unlivable for any decent, hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, and only welcoming criminals, welfare cases and politicians, catering to their every need and alienating the productive.

At first we had to live here because of my wife’s profession; you don’t have to know much about movies to know what Hollywood is.  But, the true fact of the matter is that the only real accomplishment that the inept California politicians can really put to their name is that they successfully ran Hollywood out of Hollywood.

You see, even though movie stars are the most liberal and avid supporters of President Obama and his ever-increasing taxes, when it comes time for them to put their money where their mouth is, they run immediately for the state that is giving them the highest tax breaks; because California actually practices the ultra-leftist policies which they publicly support, it cannot afford to give any of the tax breaks that other states and nations can.

Because of my wife’s profession we have a large number of very good friends who are movie and TV producers, stunt men, actors, writers, etc.  The majority of them have second homes or condos in places like Toronto, New Orleans or Puerto Rico now because they are only in Los Angeles for casting…once it’s time to film (and hire crew and pay taxes), they are off before the first check is drafted.

As a true conservative, this has infuriated me to no end; I heard a saying once that “Democrats are lawyers, Republicans are Businessmen.”  I never put much faith in that saying until I moved here, and found that California politicians make the absolute wrong business decision at every single chance, and now I whole heartedly believe it.

This has led to a domino-effect in the State, and it’s getting worse and worse.  As the movies began to leave and take hundreds of millions of dollars a year away from the state (not just the cost of the movie, but the hotels the actors and crew stay in, meals they eat, gas they pump, booze they drink, etc), the state started to feel the squeeze.  As I’ve learned, large, poorly-run organizations like California can’t stand the squeeze for very long, and have to find someone else to pass it along to.

So California decided to put the squeeze on every person who actually earned a paycheck…..which was already less than 50% of the state.  California has more unemployed/welfare recipients than workers, and so instead of changing this dynamic, they chose to just squeeze the workers and corporations which hire them.

As a knock-on effect, many corporations, smart enough to be truly forward-thinking and know what the outcome of this would be, left the state.  Smart states like Texas, rated the best state in the nation for business for several years running, have been actively courting these businesses, successfully landing most of them.

Governor Jerry Brown, an ultra-liberal, proven inept democrat who is helping to sink the California ship, was quoted last week as saying to Governor Rick Perry that “people will always go where things happened in the past” about their state woo-ing California businesses.  Is it no surprise that he doesn’t understand that there’s a difference between where things USED to happen and where they ARE happening today?

But, we stayed.  As the squeeze of taxes forced more businesses and people forming the tax base out of the state, the social services started to decline.  As the place with some of the highest taxes in the nation, we have arguably the worse police and fire departments that are constantly being de-funded and outsourced (a drunk driver ran into Adam Carolla’s house a few weeks ago and the LAPD wouldn’t even send a cruiser out….to a man who pays a huge amount of taxes every year and employs quite a few people, no service whatsoever).

The public school system has become virtually unusable, only acceptable to people who’s children don’t speak English, who are happy because it’s better than the 3rd world nation they immigrated from, and decide daily that rather than strive for excellence, the school system should be dumbed down and forced to accommodate their kids who aren’t used to education and who’s parents offer no assistance.

A bill was proposed in California last year that would have made it easier for immigrants here on student visas who graduated from California Universities to be granted easier access to visa’s and green cards if they received high-science degrees like medicine, engineering, physics, etc.  It was struck down by the ultra-leftists who said it would be too much of an advantage over others who would come here exclusively for welfare and free benefits.  Seriously, the wrong choice at every turn.

In spite of all this, in spite of crime and unemployment spiking, the home prices staying at a median prices around $500,000 even though unemployment is above 20% and median income is below $50,000, we stayed.  But the California Leftist politicians have outdone themselves, and if they pass the most recent bill proposed, this camels back is about to break.

California has proposed some the most draconian, leftist, un-American gun legislation that our nation has ever seen.  It seems as if they completely forgot that The Second Amendment grants American citizens the right to bear arms, even though it is clearly stated that right “shall not be infringed.”

I don’t have time to explain it without getting extremely angry and possibly turning into the Hulk; don’t take my word for how far off the beaten path these lunatics have gone, read it here:


Sorry California, but that’s the final straw.  Governor Rick Perry, if this legislation passes, you’ve got another family of Texans coming back home to the promised land.  I am a man of quotes, and one of my favorites is that “anyone who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.”

If you look into the not-so-distant history, look into the timeline of what has happened every single time a populace has been disarmed.  Shortly after Turkey disarmed its citizens, the Armenians were massacred in an act of genocide.  The same happened in China, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, Africa, and every known instance of a populace being disarmed.  The left can call me crazy and say i’m overreacting, but all I’m doing is pointing to history.  As a fan of statistical analysis, I love the idea that on a long enough timeline, you can find the trends in anything…….

This is the final straw California, and I know my family won’t be alone.  I know that you won’t be going through South Central Los Angeles, Oakland or Fresno taking guns away from the gang bangers and criminals.  You’ll come to take them from the law-abiding citizens who you don’t think will put up a fight, while at the same time you leave the criminals armed and reduce your Police force to the point where we can’t expect any assistance, even at a lengthy response time (it took 5 days after our house was robbed to get a detective out here).

You will soon reap what you sow, and the hole you are digging is getting extremely deep.  If you pass this law, it will be the sign that there is no saving you, and with an ROI (return on investment) so low for what we pay in the highest tax rates in the nation, you’ve been pushing it for a long time.

Even Joe Biden has been caught on camera admitting that these gun laws WILL NOT prevent another Sandy Hook, WILL NOT reduce violent crimes, and WILL NOT reduce gun-associated homicides or violent crimes.  If you are trying to get the citizens who pay your tax base and keep this state running to leave, there are much easier ways to do it.

Don’t believe me, listen to good old Joe here:


The ball’s in your court; since the entire political class and most of the lunatics in this state are Dems and Leftists, I’m pretty sure I know what will happen if it comes up for a vote.  Thankfully I have a great friend in Austin who has a house ready for my family and I to move in.  Your move California.


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